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Addiction Treatment for Women Akron OH

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In recent years, the differential impact of substance abuse on males and females is beginning to impact the ways in which addiction treatment for women is administered. Research shows that when it comes to addiction, gender matters. Biology plays a key role when it comes to addictive behavior in females, making specialized addiction treatment for women an important development.

The physiology of a woman makes her more susceptible to chemical substances. The metabolization processes and total water content of a woman’s body creates a disparity in the way consuming the same amount of alcohol affects the sexes. For one thing, a woman becomes inebriated much faster than a man. Habitual drinking also deteriorates a woman’s health more rapidly than it does a man’s. Incorporation of these key differences into addiction treatment for women can help to create more targeted gender specific protocols for improved results.

Addiction Treatment for Women

According to Federal Center for Substance Abuse Prevention, over two million American women abuse drugs and alcohol. The stigma attached to substance abuse is more stringent for women than their male counterparts, and as such, the majority of these women do not seek or receive help. The fact that addiction escalates quickly in women also create special issues during the recovery process. For instance, women have less time to get past the denial stage of their addiction before they begin to manifest the physical signs of deterioration. Because women are the primary nurtures of the family, children also suffer significantly when the mother is an addict. As a result, women have more guilt and shame associated with their addiction than do most men. All of these variables ultimately influence treatment and recovery.

Recent studies implicate hormonal changes and estrogen as significant factors in the development of addiction in women. The good news, however, is that women seem to respond better to treatment than men. Data compiled on the recidivism rate of women also indicates that the duration of a relapse is typically shorter for women.

Akron Drug Treatment Centers take the complexities of addiction seriously and treat every client as an individual. We recognize that in addition to their physiological and biological differences, women have distinctive mental, hormonal and spiritual issues that must be addressed. The range of our treatment programs allows highly specialized and personalized treatment modalities that address the needs of our female patients.

We also recognize that many women have greater responsibilities with children and aging parents. These are sensitive issues that require one-on-one counseling and consideration. At intake, all these issues are evaluated and patients are encouraged to participate in establishing the goals, objectives and parameters for their treatment and recovery.

Ultimately, addiction is a family disease. This becomes painfully evident when a spouse and mother falls into addiction because the impact on the family unit tends to be greater. As such, family therapy is highly recommended where applicable for women and their children and spouses. Family therapy provides addiction education, addresses medical concerns and co-dependency issues.

In addition, we provide targeted group therapy that enables women to participate in sessions that they are better able to relate to. These targeted sessions include:

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Grief and Loss
  • Relationships
  • Positive Assertiveness and Boundaries
  • Addiction Education
  • Anger Management
  • Balancing Recovery
  • Dialectical Behavioral Therapy
  • Spiritual Recovery
  • Art Therapy
  • Health and Wellness

Women in Akron, Ohio no longer have to accept the shame and stigma attached to addiction. Seeking the help you need to restore your health, your dreams and your life is the first step in the recovery process. Call our Akron Drug Treatment Centers today at (234) 200-4840 and find out how and where to begin the journey back to health.

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