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Alcohol Treatment Programs Akron OH


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Alcohol abuse can take your life off track in devastating ways. According to an Akron news report, alcohol was a factor in over three hundred fatal car crashes in 2013, and more than 490 people died the year before due to inebriation. Alcohol treatment cannot help the person who decided to drive drunk and caused their own demise or undo the multiple deaths of other innocent people, but it can help you. The truth is that those who are suffering from alcohol addiction will continue to suffer until they choose to get help.

Patients who choose our treatment center will have access to our four step alcohol treatment program, which includes detoxification, conventional and alternative rehabilitation processes, relapse prevention training and aftercare.


The detox component of our alcohol treatment program is critical because of the nature of alcohol withdrawal symptoms. More than any other addiction, symptoms of alcohol withdrawal have the greatest potential to be fatal. As such, our alcohol treatment specialists provide round the clock medical oversight during the detoxification process.

Detoxing can be hard on the physical body. A thorough evaluation of the patient’s current medical status, as well as their medical history, helps us to customize a program that will effectively rid the body of the residual effects of habitual alcohol consumption.

The Rehabilitation Process

Rehabilitation from any type of addiction is never a quick fix. It involves behavioral modification, trigger identification and treatment of any mental illness that may be co-occurring with the alcohol abuse. At Akron Treatment Centers, we integrate various evidence-based treatment modalities that include both conventional and alternative treatment protocols. Group, individual and family therapy facilitate a cohesive exploration of the problems that initiated drug use, potential enablers and toxic living environments. These issues must be addressed so that the proper relapse prevention and aftercare programs can be planned.

Relapse prevention

The goal of every rehabilitation program is for full recovery and long term sobriety. Although relapse is as much a part of the disease as the devastation it causes, relapse prevention is possible. Prevention mechanisms offered at our rehab facility are fundamental to the recovery process. By focusing on the possibility of preventing recidivism, patients can participate in the development of their own relapse prevention plan. This plan highlights personal triggers, indicators of a pending setback, steps to intercept a relapse or coping methods to restore sobriety as soon as possible.

The ultimate purpose of our relapse prevention program is to reduce the possibility of a return to alcohol abuse or minimize the duration and negative effects should it occur. Family members are encouraged to participate in the relapse prevention training, which gives the addict valuable support and an additional shield against possible future drug use.


Sometimes, the hardest part of recovering from an addiction is returning home after rehab. The pressure of the recovering addict’s loved ones’ good intentions to help them re-assimilate into everyday life, can present its own complications. Aftercare is provided to assist the individual in dealing with the expected and unexpected challenges that a newly recovering addict faces.

We recognize that the recovery process is an ongoing one. For that reason we provide continuing support, even after the transitory period is over. Addiction recovery is a lifelong adventure with all the ups and downs that life brings our way. Our aftercare treatment program provides a continuum of support and care that is necessary in maintaining abstinence.

If you or a loved one is suffering from alcohol addiction, call Akron Alcohol Treatment Centers today at (234) 200-4840. We can walk you through the entire process, answer questions about requirements, special situations, insurance and funding for treatment.



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