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Drug and Alcoholism Intervention Akron OH

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The word intervention conjures up both fear and hope at the same time. For those who are struggling with a loved one whose drug or alcohol addiction is wreaking havoc on relationships, health and family resources, the typical feeling is one of fear. Fear that the intervention may fail, that it will make the situation worse or that the addict will have a bad reaction. This emotion is often a deterrent that leaves many family members wallowing in addiction for many years. Sadly, this delay can turn out to be fatal for some.

On the other hand, when someone’s addiction has progressed to the degree that they are no longer able to help themselves, an intervention is often the only hope that they have of overcoming the devastation of addition.

What is an Intervention?

When addiction poses a risk to the health and wellbeing of both the addict and their loved ones, family and friends often get together and make plans to confront the user. This confrontation is called an intervention. It is designed to bring awareness to the problems that the addiction has caused and to encourage the individual to get treatment. It is a deliberate attempt to stop drug use. Since drug addiction is a condition that requires medical treatment, rehabilitation is always the ultimate goal of an intervention.

Sign that an intervention is needed

  • If significant changes in behavior are having a negative impact on the family such as reckless spending on drugs or alcohol
  • Abusive behavior is threatening the life and safety of other family members
  • Substance abuse is causing health issues for the addict and family members
  • Signs of depression and or suicidal comments
  • Indulgence in risky behavior such as driving while high or drunk
  • Criminal activity such as stealing to buy drugs
  • Withdrawing from family interactions and being secretive about whereabouts and activities
  • Irresponsible behavior such as frequent absences from work or school
  • Physical signs of deterioration of health as a result of drug use
  • One or more episodes of an overdose

Staging and Intervention

An intervention can be a lifesaving event for your loved one. As such, it should be carefully planned in order to ensure success. Getting your loved one to agree to enter a treatment program is the first measure of success. Having arrangements in place for the immediate transition into a treatment facility is proof that your intervention was successful.

Akron Drug Treatment Centers provide valuable assistance with all stages of an intervention. Our qualified interventionists can assist with the following areas:

  • Selecting the participants who will speak at the intervention.
  • Assisting participants with the information they wish to convey to the addict.
  • Suggesting consequences if the addict refuses to get help.
  • Selection of an appropriate venue and time for the event.
  • Making prearrangements for admittance into our treatment center after the intervention.
  • Participating and overseeing the intervention process.

Interventions are important events that can be life changing on many levels for everyone concerned. We have extensive experience with staging and overseeing drug and alcohol interventions. Don’t let fear stop you from confronting your loved one about an addiction that is negatively impacting your family.

Call Akron Drug Treatment Centers today at (234) 200-4840 and speak to someone about the steps involved in staging an intervention for your loved one.

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