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Drug Relapse Prevention Akron Drug Treatment Centers


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Drug relapse prevention is not solely based on emotional resonance. Many factors contribute to whether or not a recovering addict is able to say no to the temptations to return to substance abuse. In Akron, Ohio community leaders recognized the significance of evaluating the success of the drug court system based on the rate of recidivism. The participants who failed in their drug relapse prevention efforts inevitably returned to the drug-related criminal activity that brought them into the drug court system in the first place. Understanding the nuances of drug relapse prevention is therefore an extremely important component of treatment for people suffering with addiction.

At Akron Drug Treatment Centers, we believe that relapse prevention is one of the most important component elements of the treatment program. As such, we provide training that enables those in recovery to not only understand triggers, but to circumvent relapse occurrences.

A significant fact about relapse is that it is not something the addict accomplishes on their own. Maintaining sobriety after long term addiction requires support. The following benefits of a support group cannot be overstated. They include…

  • Communication with those who can empower you to stay strong in the face of temptation.
  • Providing companionship to avoid isolation, which is an opportunity for drug overdose.
  • Reiteration of prevention tools and prevention goals and plans.
  • Group therapy supports the alleviation of mental and emotional stress.

The goal of our treatment center is to effectively prepare addicts for life after rehab. Every individual has their own unique set of circumstances and triggers. At intake, we evaluate each client in order to identify a program tailored for them. It will address those issues and enable them to cope with the inevitable triggers that cannot reasonably be removed from their life circumstances.

Relapse prevention is an integral component of treatment at Akron Drug Treatment Centers. It involves specific procedures that uncover personal triggers that can cause a setback. Once these triggers are identified, systematic approaches and behavioral therapy are used to provide the person in recovery with solutions to prevent drug use.

Our drug treatment facility provides both inpatient and outpatient relapse prevention services for the residents of Akron, Ohio who are struggling to maintain their sobriety. Our counselors work with individual one-on-one to create a feasible treatment plan.

Signs of Relapse

If you are recovering from drug or alcohol addiction, watch out for these typical signs of a relapse…

  • Experiencing a strong desire to use drugs or alcohol.
  • Stressful situations are plunging you into depression, anxiety or intolerance.
  • Increasing need for isolation.
  • Feeling nostalgic about old haunts and friendships that were a part of your addictive lifestyle.
  • Taking chances by via gradual indulgence in drug or alcohol use.

Knowing the warning signs are important, but being proactive about stopping the slide into substance abuse will make the difference between long term sobriety and succumbing to drug abuse.

If you are exhibiting one or all of the signs of relapse call our Akron Drug Treatment Centers at (234) 200-4840 today. Many of our addiction counselors have been where you are right now. They understand what you are going through, and are available to help.


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