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Dual Diagnosis Drug Treatment Center Akron OH

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Recovering from any type of addiction is in itself a big challenge. Couple addiction with a mental illness and the challenge is immediately compounded. This condition in current medical terminology is known as dual diagnosis. Many people in Akron, Ohio with co-occurring disorders may go through rehab and only get treated for their addiction. Unfortunately, when the dual diagnosis is treated as separate issues, the potential for relapse increases exponentially. This gap in the treatment system has made staying in recovery extremely difficult for those suffering with a dual diagnosis.

According to a survey conducted by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), only 14% of the 9 million Americans suffering with a dual diagnosis condition actually receive treatment for both conditions simultaneously. For this reason, Akron Drug Treatment Centers complete a careful analysis of every incoming patient to make a proper diagnosis of their mental, physical and emotional status. Often, the underlying cause of a drug or alcohol addiction is an untreated mental illness.

In Akron, Ohio community leaders recognize that hundreds of its residents suffering from untreated mental disorders could also be predisposed to substance abuse. Sooner or later these candidates end up in the Akron Judicial Court System or dead on the streets. Treating dual diagnosis is therefore a critical issue that the National Alliance on Mental Illness in Ohio is addressing via a bill that would enable family members to get them the help they need,but very often won’t or can’t seek out for themselves. The Akron mental health and drug courts are specially designed to divert individuals with an addiction and/or mental illness from the jail system into appropriate treatment programs.

What is a Dual Diagnosis?

Dual diagnosis is defined as the co-occurrence of a mental illness with an addiction. Mental illness is a psychological impairment such as depression, schizophrenia or bi-polar disorder. These conditions, in many cases, cause sufferers to self-medicate with drugs or alcohol. Habitual self-medication inevitably leads to addiction. If left untreated, both conditions will exist simultaneously, and in many unfortunate circumstances, drive the individual to take their life, which is the ultimate form of release.


You may have a dual diagnosis condition if you…

  • Suffer from chronic depression and self-medicate with a chemical substance.
  • Have been diagnosed with a mental disorder and have become addicted to the prescribed medication.

Treatment methods

Dual diagnosis treatment is an integral component of the services provided at Akron Drug Treatment Centers.   From the initial evaluation that identifies this condition to the after care programs, we recognize that patients with this condition require specialized treatment protocols to achieve long term sobriety.

Even today, there are treatment centers that treat these co-occurring disorders as separate entities. Our team of qualified, experienced addiction specialist are highly cognizant of the importance of treating both simultaneously. Our goal is to rehabilitate the person, not just treat the addiction. In many cases, the mental illness triggered the addiction and if left untreated, will trigger a relapse after the individual completes the rehab process.

The assessment tools utilized by our treatment staff include reviewing the client’s social history, medical records and the dynamics of family and environment. Each individual is encouraged to participate fully in their recovery process, which involves contributing to the development of a treatment plan that is ideally suited to them. Case studies show that when patient’s personal wants and desires are incorporated into the recovery plan, they tend to achieve sobriety faster and have lower recidivism rates.

Our rehabilitation treatment goals are focused heavily on the development of coping mechanisms that are personalized for the individual to stabilize psychiatric behavior and maintain long term abstinence from substance abuse.

If you or a loved one has been suffering with depression or other mental illness and have segued into substance abuse, it is time to call our treatment center for help. We are available 24/7 to assist family, friends and people suffering with addiction to find their way back to happy and productive lives. Call Akron Drug Treatment Centers today at (234) 200-4840. We can help.

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