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Medical Detox Akron OH

Medical Detox Akron OH

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The need for medical detox increases as drug and alcohol abuse skyrockets. A recent spike in alcohol consumption in Akron has led to more underage drinking, which is a major cause of adult alcoholism. Opiate addiction has also been steadily rising from 7.2% in 2001 to 28.5% in 2012 according to data from survey done for the Ohio population. These reports flag an uptick in drug and alcohol addiction, accelerating the need for addiction treatment, which often necessitates a medical detox procedure.

There are many reasons a medical detox is recommended for addicts. The most important reason is that it is a safe alternative to detoxing alone. Withdrawal symptoms are unpredictable, can be risky, and in some cases, fatal. Symptoms of withdrawal, especially from long term alcohol abuse, present the greatest danger for those who take the “cold turkey” approach.

What is a Medical Detox?

Medical detox is a procedure in which addicts with mild to severe withdrawal symptoms are assisted to alleviate undue discomfort and treat serious medical complications. During our medical detox procedure, the substance abuser receives 24/7 oversight from a team of board certified medical professionals with emergency trauma training. This service is essential because the body can react violently to the sudden cessation of drugs or alcohol. Medical emergencies such as cardiac arrest, pulmonary complications, seizures and tremors must be treated immediately to prevent more serious conditions or even death.

Every patient is carefully assessed at intake to determine the detoxification process that is safest and most effective for them. This is based on their current health status, medical history, the type of substance abused and the duration of use.

Medical detox approaches include:

  • A gradual withdrawal process with the help of medication.
  • Rapid Detox: a procedure conducted under general anesthesia.
  • Holistic detoxification procedures for those with an aversion to medically-aided detox

Danger of Withdrawal Symptoms

Withdrawal symptoms present a serious concern to experienced addiction clinicians because they have seen firsthand the trauma that they can present. Withdrawal symptoms differ from drug to drug. The following is an example of withdrawal symptoms for five different mind-altering substances.

Alcohol – Agitation, seizures, vivid hallucinations and a series of symptoms called Delirium Tremens (DTs). DTs present the most risky conditions during an alcohol detox. This condition put the body in automatic overdrive leading to hyperactivity, mental confusion and cardiovascular collapse. DTs have a high mortality rate, and therefore, necessitate immediate emergency medical attention.

Crystal meth has been shown to cause anxiety attacks, paranoia and deep depression, with the potential for suicide or other types of self-harm. The withdrawal process can last anywhere from days to weeks.

Heroin withdrawal also varies in intensity and duration. Symptoms can be excruciating due to the relentless craving. Mood swings, anxiety, depression and severe muscle pain also makes withdrawal extremely uncomfortable. In the case of Heroin, some users experience what is known as “Post-Acute Withdrawal Syndrome (PAWS). This is a condition in which the symptoms of withdrawal continues over a period of weeks or months.

Opiate withdrawals begin to occur within hours of the last use. Drugs like Oxycontin, Percocet and Vicodin fall under the umbrella of opiates. Symptoms of withdrawal include nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, shakes and flu like symptoms. Although for most people the symptoms are mild to moderate, some may experience more life-threatening symptoms such as seizures or other medical complications.

Narcotic Pain Killers such as Dilaudid, morphine and Codeine withdrawals also present intense pain, vomiting, seizures and the possibility of cardiac arrest.

Synthetic or Designer Drugs create intense cravings that cause abusers to feel as if they are going to die when use is halted. Symptoms include depression, suicidal thoughts, psychotic episodes, severe insomnia, perfuse sweating and shakes.

No matter which chemical substance you are addicted to, medical detox is the best option when it comes to eliminating the toxins from your body. The recovery process demands full participation if it is to be effective. A medical detox allows a safe deliverance from drug consumption with minimum physical impairment.

Akron Drug Treatment Centers have trained counselors waiting to assist you with the admission process for a medical detox. Call us today at (234) 200-4840 and let us help you overcome drug addiction and return to a happy and productive life.

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